Feb 12 2018

YOU do CrossFit?

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I talk about going to gym. A lot. Because it has had a huge positive impact on my life, I feel better and stronger than I ever have before, and I want to share this experience with others.

However, when I talk about going to gym, people ask what kind of exercise I do.

Of course, I reply CrossFit.

And the response, 9 times out of 10, is, and I quote, “YOU do CrossFit?!” Note the incredulous emphasis on “YOU”.

Yes. Yes I do.

What irks me is why people seem so surprised that I do something with such a “badass” reputation as CrossFit.

Yes, I know I am overweight. Yes, I also know that I am not in top shape and have medical issues (asthma).

But you know what?

I still do CrossFit. And I may not do the full prescribed workout, such as the weight limits, but I do bust my ass. And I try. And I keep going. And I never, never, NEVER give up.

What people do not get is that CrossFit is not just exclusively for the top, rock-star type athletes. It is for everyone, and every body. It is for the people who want to be healthier and to be stronger. It is for those people who hate going to a gym where they are afraid people are going to judge them by their looks and/or ability. Because that judging? Does NOT happen in the box. If anything, it is one of the most positive experiences I have ever had with exercise, because everyone there- coaches as well as other members, are amazingly encouraging.

Ultimately, CrossFit is for those who are striving to live a healthier life and will not give up no matter what obstacles come your way (or what the W.O.D. is).

So yes, I do CrossFit, and I am proud of it.

If that makes me a little more badass, then I’ll take anything I can get.

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