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Baby boomers, burned cats, and cell phones

Oh. My. GOD.
How in the hell can my parents have had successful careers, raised two children who are now contributing to society, and manage to run a household, yet when it comes to technology, be so damn helpless?
I read somewhere that children in my generation are having to take care of their baby-boomer parents. These people are of the generation where computers were invented, cell phones created, and the World Wide Web was brought into the mainstream. However, they are retiring now and living on a fixed income, and are needing more and more help. And that is why they had children- at least, that is what my Baby Boomer parents tell me.
Fine. See if I help you anymore.
It started out as a simple day. I went over to my parents’ house, with the idea of helping to clean up my mom’s garage. She needed some stuff cleaned up for the charity work she does. So I went- after all, she did promise me lunch, and there is not much I won’t do for a free meal that I do not have to cook or clean up after.
Lunch was fun, and we got the stuff cleaned up with no worries.
Then the trouble began.
My Dad went to the cell phone store to upgrade his phone. Bad idea, to let that man go anywhere involved with technology unsupervised. Nevertheless, he went, and came home when he realized he could get the phone cheaper online.
Enter idiot, aka the daughter.
So I go online, and attempt to upgrade the phone.
He needed an account at the site, so I set that up with a username and password. I wrote those down, in case of senior moments, which are happening more and more these days.
Once that was done, I saw that there is an outstanding bill.
You cannot upgrade unless you are current on the bill.
Ok, I told my mom that. However, she won’t pay the bill until she pays another bill, and then the phone bill can be paid.
Good Lord.
Meanwhile, while this conversation is going on, my dad lit a candle in the kitchen. I commented that he trusts his animals around an open flame. He said there had never been any problems before.
Famous last words.
So while I was figuring out the account and looking for the impossible upgrade, I smell burned hair.
As in singed.
A cat had brushed up against the lit candle, and had burned his ass.
Mom hunted him down, and we managed to brush off the black burned bits of his fur. Thankfully, nothing went down to the skin, otherwise, we would have been dealing with a very pissed off cat.
As it was, we were dealing with an unhappy kitty who did not want to he handled anymore than he had to.
Shortly after the burned kitty fiasco, I left, pleading a headache and a need for a very strong alcoholic beverage.
On the way home, I considered what I was getting my parents for Christmas. We were considering an ipod for my dad, so he would not have to carry all those CDs around in his car, which is so 1990. Now, I’m thinking something a little more his speed- maybe an abacus.

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