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The many, the proud, the rescuers of animals…

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

I am happy to say I share my life with animals. Many of them, in fact. I have seven cats and three dogs, all rescues.
When I hear of someone buying an animal or breeding an animal, my heart breaks.
It breaks because I have held animals who have been starving for a good meal and for someone to love most, if not all, of their sad and often short lives.
It breaks because I have held animals who have died in my arms and they were sent to a better place where the disease that ravaged their bodies would not exist…a simple disease that is preventable by a single vaccination.
And I cry. I cry for the loss of a soul on this planet, a living being that only knew how to love, no matter what sort of hell it was put through.
I cry because I know they did not do anything wrong, that it was the people who treated them so poorly and that ultimately led them to their death, even if they were not there to pull the trigger.
But yet I still have hope. Hope for the many millions of people who work tirelessly, through the tears and the heartbreak to save as many animals as they possibly can…and when that one more special case comes along, the room and the bank book is stretched in order to save one more life.
I have hope because there are people who dedicate their time and money to helping animals get fixed, even though the caregivers have no money and the cats belong to no one.
I have hope because I know there are more like me. We cry, feel heartbreak, but most of all, we care. We are a army fueled by love and dedication to the companion animals that we are blessed to share our lives with. We are animal rescuers.