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A dog, a man, and a miracle

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let you heart be light…”

It was a normal afternoon dog run. We took off, and went down one block until we were stopped by lady in a car with a dog. She asked us if we knew this dog. Apparently, it had been found as a stray close to our house. She was going to take it to the pound. After Louie, we vowed to never send another dog to the county animal care and control. We told this person to take the dog to Petsmart to scan it for a microchip. I also gave her our phone numbers, and to give us a call with the results.
We went on with our dog run.

“From now on our troubles will be out of sight…”

About thirty minutes later, we received a phone call. No microchip. We asked if she could hold onto the dog for the evening while we made some phone calls. She said she could, but only one night, and until five the next morning. When John and I got home, we were looking online at all the lost and found sites, seeing if anyone had posted anything about this dog. No luck. We called the lady and asked if it would be all right if we came and picked up the dog now so we could get started with posting the found information online. She was very relieved, as she was in an abusive relationship and her husband was less than pleased about her bringing home a stray dog. John and I leashed up our two hounds, and walked the block down to her house. We walked back with the dog.

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas, make the Yuletide gay, from now our troubles will be miles away…”

We put her in the outdoor dog run. She could not seem to settle down out there. It became very obvious that she was indoor and much loved pet. So we took her into the house and into the hallway bathroom. She had food and water, and blanket to lie on. She settled down, and went to sleep. The next morning, I had to go to work and John was working from home. We had a crazy day at my job. Someone, I managed to make up flyers listing that we had found an adult husky or husky mix dog in our area, giving our contact information. When I got home, John and I plastered the neighborhood with the flyers. We ended up eating dinner at the airport restaurant, and just by chance happened to post two flyers there. Thankfully, the owners like us and also are dog people.

“Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore…”

The next day I went back to work, fully aware that my husband and I were falling in love with this dog. After all, he had always wanted a husky, and this one was right there, living with us, and needing us. We made a vet appointment for that afternoon. After the chaos of the last day at an elementary school before Winter Break, I came home and went to the vet. We ordered a full work up on her, gave her vaccinations, and had the doctor take a look at a swollen back leg. Turns out, she had an abscess that needed surgery. We left the sweet girl at the vet for surgery the next morning. We also left thinking we were adopting the dog, pulling down the found signs on the way home and buying a collar, leash, and tag with her new name on, Kaya, which in Inuit for “stay”. We celebrated by going out to dinner with my parents.

“Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more…”

The next morning we got an early phone call. It was a man, claiming that he had lost his female husky. I asked a few questions, he answered them correctly, and we deduced it was his dog. The vet had already opened her up to determine that she had been previously spayed, cleaned up her teeth, and drained the abscess. The caller was missing his dog, as she had been with him since she was a puppy. She is twelve years old, and has a leaky bladder. She had been out since noon on Wednesday, and since we found her on late Wednesday afternoon, it made sense. She was his dog, and no longer ours.

“Through the years we all will be together, if the Fates allow…”

As it turns out, this man had fallen on hard times and did not have access to a car on the weekends. The dog, now known as Rosebud, was ready to go home this afternoon. We decided to pick him and take him to the dog. As drove to the vet, we learned more about Jerry. His wife of forty-nine years had Alzheimer’s, and a caregiver during the week. Jerry used the caregiver’s care to get some work so he could make some extra money. His daughter had died, leaving him in the care of his teenage grandson. His son, daughter-in-law, and three children were also living with Jerry as they had lost their home. Rosebud was his life, his soul mate, and his love. He was not a man to express his emotions, but when the dog was brought into the waiting room, I cried my eyes out and Jerry lit up like a Christmas Tree. Rosebud knew him, and covered him with kisses. He took home the medicine and after care instructions for her surgery. We took care of the bill, and it was not cheap. It was worth it. Every penny. The look on his face when he got his dog back was the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time. I knew I was witnessing a Christmas Miracle. And I am blessed to have been a part of it.

“Hang a shining star upon the highest bough, and have yourself a merry little Christmas now.”

Baby boomers, burned cats, and cell phones

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Oh. My. GOD.
How in the hell can my parents have had successful careers, raised two children who are now contributing to society, and manage to run a household, yet when it comes to technology, be so damn helpless?
I read somewhere that children in my generation are having to take care of their baby-boomer parents. These people are of the generation where computers were invented, cell phones created, and the World Wide Web was brought into the mainstream. However, they are retiring now and living on a fixed income, and are needing more and more help. And that is why they had children- at least, that is what my Baby Boomer parents tell me.
Fine. See if I help you anymore.
It started out as a simple day. I went over to my parents’ house, with the idea of helping to clean up my mom’s garage. She needed some stuff cleaned up for the charity work she does. So I went- after all, she did promise me lunch, and there is not much I won’t do for a free meal that I do not have to cook or clean up after.
Lunch was fun, and we got the stuff cleaned up with no worries.
Then the trouble began.
My Dad went to the cell phone store to upgrade his phone. Bad idea, to let that man go anywhere involved with technology unsupervised. Nevertheless, he went, and came home when he realized he could get the phone cheaper online.
Enter idiot, aka the daughter.
So I go online, and attempt to upgrade the phone.
He needed an account at the site, so I set that up with a username and password. I wrote those down, in case of senior moments, which are happening more and more these days.
Once that was done, I saw that there is an outstanding bill.
You cannot upgrade unless you are current on the bill.
Ok, I told my mom that. However, she won’t pay the bill until she pays another bill, and then the phone bill can be paid.
Good Lord.
Meanwhile, while this conversation is going on, my dad lit a candle in the kitchen. I commented that he trusts his animals around an open flame. He said there had never been any problems before.
Famous last words.
So while I was figuring out the account and looking for the impossible upgrade, I smell burned hair.
As in singed.
A cat had brushed up against the lit candle, and had burned his ass.
Mom hunted him down, and we managed to brush off the black burned bits of his fur. Thankfully, nothing went down to the skin, otherwise, we would have been dealing with a very pissed off cat.
As it was, we were dealing with an unhappy kitty who did not want to he handled anymore than he had to.
Shortly after the burned kitty fiasco, I left, pleading a headache and a need for a very strong alcoholic beverage.
On the way home, I considered what I was getting my parents for Christmas. We were considering an ipod for my dad, so he would not have to carry all those CDs around in his car, which is so 1990. Now, I’m thinking something a little more his speed- maybe an abacus.