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From a Shelter Cat

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

This was inspired by my former shelter cat, Sasha, as he was on my stomach purring.  Please remember- do not breed and buy while shelter pets die.  Opt to adopt!

I am a shelter cat.

I may have been on the streets,

Or in a home.

I was all alone

I had no one to call my own

Until you came in

And saw me there

In a cramped cage

With little room

To jump and play

And no laps to purr on

No one to love me

You may see a huddled ball

Hiding and scared

Do not judge me on what I am now

Look at where I am now

And tell me that you too

Would not feel sorrow or fear

Here is better than where I was

But I want to be there

There is a home with lots of love

And toys and laps and beds and sunshine

And someone to call my own

I do not have long to live

For there are too many like me

With stories like mine

And not enough homes for all of us

I was turned in and told to be good

That someone would love me for who I am

And would look past the matted coat and fearful eyes

I want to be yours

Would you be mine?

I do not ask much, just some food and water

And lots of love

I will give it in return

You will see it in my eyes and hear it in my purr

When I sit on your lap and snuggle close

Thanking you for picking me

Please pick soon

Your soulmate is waiting

-inspired by Sasha