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The many, the proud, the rescuers of animals…

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

I am happy to say I share my life with animals. Many of them, in fact. I have seven cats and three dogs, all rescues.
When I hear of someone buying an animal or breeding an animal, my heart breaks.
It breaks because I have held animals who have been starving for a good meal and for someone to love most, if not all, of their sad and often short lives.
It breaks because I have held animals who have died in my arms and they were sent to a better place where the disease that ravaged their bodies would not exist…a simple disease that is preventable by a single vaccination.
And I cry. I cry for the loss of a soul on this planet, a living being that only knew how to love, no matter what sort of hell it was put through.
I cry because I know they did not do anything wrong, that it was the people who treated them so poorly and that ultimately led them to their death, even if they were not there to pull the trigger.
But yet I still have hope. Hope for the many millions of people who work tirelessly, through the tears and the heartbreak to save as many animals as they possibly can…and when that one more special case comes along, the room and the bank book is stretched in order to save one more life.
I have hope because there are people who dedicate their time and money to helping animals get fixed, even though the caregivers have no money and the cats belong to no one.
I have hope because I know there are more like me. We cry, feel heartbreak, but most of all, we care. We are a army fueled by love and dedication to the companion animals that we are blessed to share our lives with. We are animal rescuers.

Kitten dumped to foreclosure.

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Sometimes, people suck.
Really, they do.
Ok, I like to think of myself as an optimistic. Most of the time, I like to look for the good in people. I really do. Otherwise, I would get too bogged down in depression and never leave the house.
However, a day like today can wreck my optimistic outlook on life.
I rescue animals. People know that and call me when they hear of an animal abandoned or are in need of advice on what to do if they find a lost animal. They usually call me to bail them out, to take the problem away.
Often times, they do not even offer to help. This is what pisses me off.
So I get a call from a friend of mine. Apparently, her husband’s boss was talking about a kitten they were housing. They got it because some idiot (AKA a person who sucks) got foreclosed on and left it behind.
This happens so much more than most people like to think. Many times, the animals are left to die, or sometimes get picked up by the local animal care and control and left to the whims of fate in the animal shelter. Some are lucky and make it out alive.
Many don’t and die.
And these are the ones who haunt my dreams at night.
So, I drove over two hours round trip to get this kitten. It is cute, with a big tummy and sweet disposition. He had not been on his own for long. The people saved him when they heard his crying, so I cannot say they totally suck. Amazing how something so small can produce such a huge sound (then again, ask anyone who has ever had a child). Well, this little guy knew that something was wrong and that he needed to be found to be saved. And they took him in but could not keep him due to the wife’s newly discovered cat allergy.
Uh huh.
Enter sucker, stage right (that would be me).
So I ask for a donation to the cause of getting this cat fixed, tested for various diseases, and up to date on shots so it has a shadow of chance to get into a reputable rescue in the valley (one that is not already stuffed to the gills with kittens). Since I do NOT get paid to rescue, this trip (and half tank of gas) and subsequent trips to the vet, are all on my own time and my own dime.
The wife said she would talk to the hubby. I called the hubby and he was less than thrilled when asked to cough up some dough to help this kitten.
Ergo, this blog post and chip-in fund.
I am a teacher, and as a public servant, I do not make an enormous amount of money.
I am affiliated with several rescue groups, but this kitten is not yet in one, so all his medical expenses are on me.
I know that basically, people are good. Look at Patrick, the Miracle Dog in New Jersey. If you have not heard of this dog, GET OUT OF THE CAVE and google it. Seriously, this puppy is a rock star in my world and the people who have helped Patrick restore my faith in mankind.
So I am asking for help.
Not a lot.
Just enough to cover the spay/neuter surgery, testing for FIV and Fe-Leuk, and first series of kitten shots, more if needed. Anything extra will be donated to the Spay/Neuter Hotline of Arizona.
Any amount of money you can donate to this fund would help.
You do not know me, and you may choose not to donate.
I understand. I would be a skeptic too.
I am looking to be an optimist, right now, though.

Here is the chip-in link: http://jazperr.chipin.com/foreclosed-and-dumped-kitten

I’m working on getting pictures up. Not quite sure how to do that, and the techno-savvy husband has gone to bed.
However, I can tell you that the kitten is about 4-6 months old, with copper eyes and smoky blue-grey fur. He loves to play and would rather purr than eat.
And if you know of anyone in the Phoenix- Metro area who can give him a good home, please let me know. Thanks again.

From a Shelter Cat

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

This was inspired by my former shelter cat, Sasha, as he was on my stomach purring.  Please remember- do not breed and buy while shelter pets die.  Opt to adopt!

I am a shelter cat.

I may have been on the streets,

Or in a home.

I was all alone

I had no one to call my own

Until you came in

And saw me there

In a cramped cage

With little room

To jump and play

And no laps to purr on

No one to love me

You may see a huddled ball

Hiding and scared

Do not judge me on what I am now

Look at where I am now

And tell me that you too

Would not feel sorrow or fear

Here is better than where I was

But I want to be there

There is a home with lots of love

And toys and laps and beds and sunshine

And someone to call my own

I do not have long to live

For there are too many like me

With stories like mine

And not enough homes for all of us

I was turned in and told to be good

That someone would love me for who I am

And would look past the matted coat and fearful eyes

I want to be yours

Would you be mine?

I do not ask much, just some food and water

And lots of love

I will give it in return

You will see it in my eyes and hear it in my purr

When I sit on your lap and snuggle close

Thanking you for picking me

Please pick soon

Your soulmate is waiting

-inspired by Sasha