Feb 18 2018

Weigh in 2/17/18

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I will be doing weekly weigh ins on Saturday morning and I will post them here.

This week’s update is surprising to me.

Suprising is not a strong enough word.

Shocking, astounding, amazing.

Those work.

It was a week of challenges. Yes, they may have been self inflicted by the choices I made, but so be it.

There was the Valentine’s Day smorgasbord of sweets from hell at work on Tuesday, the leftover sweets on Wednesday, getting carb drunk on Thursday, and going out to dinner on Friday. To be fair to myself, I did make better choices on Friday- had a salad and ONE roll instead of 2. Or 6.

I got rid of 1.2 pounds!!!



Week 5: -1.2 pounds, 15.8 total

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Feb 18 2018

Weight loss intro

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I need to lose weight. I am, by medical definition, morbidly obese. By my definition, I am fat.

Being fat is hard. It causes a shit ton of health problems. It impacts my asthma, causes high blood pressure,  and makes my joints ache sometimes. Also, I am limited on wardrobe selection to only the big girls’ stores and departments. That is an issue for me.

I‘ve been going to the gym for a year and half and the scale really didn’t move much. I put on my big girl panties and went to the nutritionist and asked about weight loss. This happened after an especially confusing week when my doctor told me that in order to lower my blood pressure, I needed to reduce my sodium and gave me a bunch of booklets on meal planning and shopping. These booklets were published by a pharmaceutical company. Those booklets went into the recycle bin.

Jakki, the awesome superwoman of nutrition (as she is known in my house), actually looked at what I was eating and called bullshit on the doctor. (Yes, she cusses. Yet another reason why I love her.) She said the sodium was not my problem, it was my carbs. I was carb loading like I had a race every day.

Therefore, she reduced the number of carbs I should intake every day. And not just reduced, oh no, she sliced, diced, and whack-a-moled them.

So from eating eleventy hundred gazillion carbs a day (only a slight exaggeration) I was down to 100. A day.

Let’s get this in perspective- an average slice of bread has about 25 carbs in it. An apple has about 20.

My goal is stay under 100 carbs a day.

Oh shit.

This took some getting used to, lemme tell ya.

Jakki insisted, demanded, and commanded that I get on (ok, reactivate the inactive account I had not used in 2 years) on My Fitness Pal.

I love the app. It makes keeping track of shit easy.

I added Jakki as a friend on MFP.

She can read my food diary and see what I eat.

I am still not sure if this is a good thing.

I started this whole low carb thing on January 12, 2018.  It has been 5 weeks.

I have lost weight. Not just that, though. I lost weight every single week I weighed myself.

Every. Single. Week.

That is huge for me. It has never happened before on any sort of thing I’ve ever done.

Mind blowing?


Mind changing!

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Feb 16 2018

Update: Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers

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That was my first thought this morning.

Recap: had too many carbs last night.

And oh man am I feeling it today.

I thought I was going to puke last night, which would have probably made me feel better. But I didn’t, which I am okay with as I hate to puke.

It took me a while to go to fall asleep, as my stomach was seriously upset. Took some meds and it calmed down a bit.

This morning I feel like I’m hung over.

I am too old for this shit.

Thankfully, it’s an easy-ish day at work. But I still feel like death warmed over.

Have I learned my lesson? Yes.

Am I likely to forget it and overdose on carbs again starting this whole damn vicious cycle again? Most likely.

But there is one positive thing from all of this. I’m not beating myself up over what I did. That’s a huge step for me.

I did what I did. Now move on.

And for the love of God, don’t do it again.

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Feb 16 2018

Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers

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Tonight, the hubby and I went out to dinner. I was craving a burger. We had a gift card for a place called Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers. Off we went.

There, it was pretty easy to make low carb choices. You could order a buger without a bun, get a salad instead of chips as your side, drink water instead of beer.

I did not make those choices.

After all, when in Rome…

I had a steakhouse truffle burger with bacon and Gruyere cheese on a pretzel bun, potato chips on the side, a passion fruit beer, and table-side smores for dessert.

It was all amazing and delicious. Great quality ingredients, comfort food done well done and all that.

On the way put of the restaurant is when the carb overload hit. I honestly staggered back to the car in the parking lot. I feel like I’m seriously drunk.


One beer.

It’s the damn carbs.

Well hell.

And there is still adulting to do at home, including putting a large chunk of my wardrobe back in the closet since we had the air conditioning system serviced today (the access to the attic is in the closet- major design flaw).

So I’m going to be slamming the water and praying for mercy tonight.

Lesson learned, carbs.

Lesson learned.

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Feb 12 2018

YOU do CrossFit?

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I talk about going to gym. A lot. Because it has had a huge positive impact on my life, I feel better and stronger than I ever have before, and I want to share this experience with others.

However, when I talk about going to gym, people ask what kind of exercise I do.

Of course, I reply CrossFit.

And the response, 9 times out of 10, is, and I quote, “YOU do CrossFit?!” Note the incredulous emphasis on “YOU”.

Yes. Yes I do.

What irks me is why people seem so surprised that I do something with such a “badass” reputation as CrossFit.

Yes, I know I am overweight. Yes, I also know that I am not in top shape and have medical issues (asthma).

But you know what?

I still do CrossFit. And I may not do the full prescribed workout, such as the weight limits, but I do bust my ass. And I try. And I keep going. And I never, never, NEVER give up.

What people do not get is that CrossFit is not just exclusively for the top, rock-star type athletes. It is for everyone, and every body. It is for the people who want to be healthier and to be stronger. It is for those people who hate going to a gym where they are afraid people are going to judge them by their looks and/or ability. Because that judging? Does NOT happen in the box. If anything, it is one of the most positive experiences I have ever had with exercise, because everyone there- coaches as well as other members, are amazingly encouraging.

Ultimately, CrossFit is for those who are striving to live a healthier life and will not give up no matter what obstacles come your way (or what the W.O.D. is).

So yes, I do CrossFit, and I am proud of it.

If that makes me a little more badass, then I’ll take anything I can get.

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